Warwick Merry

Speaker Bio

Warwick Merry is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) and the Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia – with more than 20 years working as a Speaker and Event Host/MC he knows what it takes to truly engage an audience, no matter what the modality. He was recently awarded the 2021 Global Outstanding Intrapreneur Award for his work in assisting speakers to come up to speed in the virtual environment.

Warwick also has spent over 10 years working in the IT industry, so he knows how important it is to take advantage of the benefits technology offers while not letting it take advantage of you. 

Warwick works with Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs to help them better Engage, Energise and Inspire people, regardless of the modality. 

Whether you are presenting online, face to face, one on one or to a large crowd, Warwick can show you how to retain your authenticity and simultaneously project a strong message to your audience.


Crank Up the Conversations with Your Computer

Have you heard the expression, “make love to the camera baby?” Now, more than ever, we need to know how to not just make love to the camera, but how to buy it chocolates and bring it coffee in the morning!

So much of our earnings comes from how we interact with our cameras and our computers.

It is no longer good enough to simply present. We need to Get Better. We need to move from a monologue to a dialogue. Our success will come from our ability to have conversations that engage, educate and entertain our audiences.

Join award winning online presenter and triple certified speaker Warwick Merry CSP to tap into some of the secrets of online conversations.

Discover some of the hacks of online presenting using the gear and skill sets you already have! Whether you are presenting to a meeting, a conference or even a hybrid audience, there are some foundation skills and some new techniques that will differentiate you from the masses.

Bring your questions, your answers and your sense of humour as we learn how to Crank Up the Conversations with Your Computer.

The 3 Key takeaway from Warwick’s session will be:

1. How to Engage with your audience at a deeper level

2. How to get more from the equipment, skillset and approach you already have

3. How to  Energise an environment that can easily flatline