Trishal Ghelani
Speaker Bio

Trishal Ghelani is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beti.Beta who thrives on bouncing between the “why” & “why not”.  A creative catalyst who is driven to connect the dots between the now & the next, putting people at the heart of everything that she does. 

She has worked with a range of clients & industries; from global MNCs to non-profits.Her clout entails leading a group of 27 minority youth, speaking at 6 events, winning 5 awards , being featured in 1 book, co-leading 1 women empowerment initiative in Southern Gujarat and co-creating a community “The Betis.Collective” where South Asian Women are celebrated. 

Her true purpose is to create solutions that empower cultures, question systems & design futures. After all, her mother always said that “if you have the privilege to follow your passion, it’s your duty to make the world a little bit better”. She hopes through Beti.Beta, she can help young Betis & Betas of the world become confident change makers by giving back what she was given.


Future Trends & How to Get Radical about It

Do you remember we actually believed we would have flying cars by 2020? Why didn’t we go to the moon more & why are we focusing on Mars now? 

Gas lobbyists in America ensured that car technology doesn’t move forward without them, private companies live off selling data and the space race was so political that once there was a “winner”, people stopped caring as much. The world has never moved so quickly and slowly at the same time & we are at the heart of it.

The behaviours of the people driving the change and those it affects, greatly impact the outcome of a trend. There will always be future trends that excite, confuse and terrify but how do you know which ones to focus on? This is where we explore & expand on some future trends, the behaviours behind it and what you can really do about it.

Three Takeaways from the session will be:

  1. Future trends and the Behaviours Nudging Them 

  2. How to Hack Behaviours 

  3. Applying a Radical Mindset