Tanya Wilson
Speaker Bio

Tanya Wilson Chua has 20 years experience building a global network of over 1,000 illustrators and artists, curating artworks for the public and private sectors, building brands and publishing art magazines 

Originally from the UK, Tanya started her career in PR and events. She was headhunted to Singapore in 2005 to launch a global brand campaign for Tiger Beer. Tanya was part of the founding team of Kult Magazine, a pioneering visual magazine that explored topical themes through art and illustration.

Today Tanya heads-up The Unusual Network, a specialist team that curates content and experiences for the likes of Nike, Facebook, Toyota and Netflix. 

An avid observer of people and behaviours, Tanya has ran experiential activations across the world, ranging from music concerts in Phnom Penh, to art exhibitions for children in Singapore and Shanghai. She has also developed her own branded properties such as ‘Gif Fest’, a bi-annual celebration of creativity and motion graphic.

Tanya’s latest project is a multi-faceted edutainment brand that extends into publishing, education, fashion and retail. Recipient of 2020 President*s Design Award, EYEYAH! bridges design, visual literacy and education to deliver cutting-edge creativity to children and teens around the world.  

Tanya has recently completed a Masters in Digital Management at HyperIsland, has lectured at NTU and University of Newcastle, publishes thought-leadership on education and design and hosts a podcast on creativity and illustration. Tanya has two daughters and loves visiting art and tech museums around the world.


The Invisible Power of Illustration, Made Visible.

An illustrated, interactive journey to demonstrate how illustrations can address the most complex and challenging 21st century problems including fake news, sustainability and mental health.

An introduction to a 20yr career working in visual communications, with examples of commercial work from Netflix, Facebook and Nike. Publishing over 20 award-winning visual magazines and distributing them across the world. Events, exhibitions and installations across the world. Crossing over into the world of education, using illustrations to talk to kids and teens about key social emotional issues whilst building creative and critical thinking muscles.

The 3 Key takeaway from Tanya’s session will be:

1. Introduction to amazing contemporary image-makers from around the world.

2. Practise creative and critical thinking.

3. Practise a slow-looking technique to build observation skills.

Tanya Wilson