Steve Lowell

Steve Lowell


Steve Lowell, CSP has been on the live stage since the age of 6; that’s over 50 years ago. In over 50 years he has learned a thing or two about what works on the platform and what doesn’t. He is an award-winning International Keynote Speaker, mentor to professional speakers around the world, past National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a current nominee for Vice-President of the Global Speakers Federation.

Session: Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Chosen

How to position yourself as only logical choice by leveraging the power of the spoken word

More self-proclaimed experts in every field across the globe are taking to the platform to position themselves as the expert of choice, and they all do it in exactly the same way. This presents a massive opportunity for you as an expert speaker, to appear to be profoundly different from everyone else in your space simply by changing the way you speak. In this fast-paced, informational keynote Steve will show you how you can stand out, get noticed and be chosen by leveraging the power of the spoken word in a very specific way.


We are living through a time of cataclysmic disruption – what does this mean to the professional speaking profession? How can we adapt?

“Massive disruption presents unprecedented opportunity, but only for those who are willing to become disruptors themselves. I believe that those who follow trends and operate within current norms in order to meet audience expectations set the minimum standard for professional speakers.  This provides a massive opportunity for those who reset audience expectations by shaking their beliefs, rattling their paradigms and making disruption itself the norm.
With all the technology available to us and all the social and political movements to speak about, those who follow these trends will be relevant and do well, those who disrupt will stand out and excel.”

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