Sonia Wedrychowicz


Sonia Wedrychowicz


Sonia Wedrychowicz is a thought leader in digital transformation with 25 years of experience across Europe, Asia and USA. She is a transformational business and technology leader in transactional and consumer banking, Top 8 Voice on LinkedIn 2019 in Finance and Economy and a renowned keynote speaker at over 50 conferences around the world. She has been Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore and delivered lectures to students at the MIT, Stanford University, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University, Lazarski University and Singapore Management University.

Her professional career involved working at top positions in JPMorgan Chase in USA, DBS Digital Bank in Singapore Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia and Citibank Poland.

Session: Be their master

How kickboxing can teach you to become a better speaker

Sonia Wedrychowicz is a powerhouse global business leader and is excited to discuss how she applied kickboxing into her speaking engagements. This experience allowed her to master presentations and public speeches. Key learnings we’ll enjoy:

  • Relax before your speech like you relax before throwing a punch—or a kick—as it will allow you to perform with better impact
  • Don’t hesitate when you start your speech as people will hear the doubt in your voice—once you decide to “hit”, go all the way through—especially if you want to become a master of public speaking
  • Start teaching others and help them achieve mastery level