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Neelam Harjani - Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2021



Is the founder of Inspire Yoga, operating in Hong Kong since 2011 with her vision of ‘providing an antidote for fast paced city life’ through personalized onsite
programs of yoga and mindfulness. By the HKSAR Government she was awarded representation on the Diversity List 2020 to counsel government statutory and advisory bodies
in wellness, female empowerment and multicultural inclusion. She is driven by a passion for personal transformation and equipped with a team of dedicated instructors to serve the
benefits of the practice to those suffering from chronic pain, postural misalignment, anxiety, fatigue and stress related conditions. As the author of “Secrets to Live Stress Free” her vision to create self-awareness as a starting point for balance has been well received by busy executives and high performing corporations. Previously an investment banker, she structures her mind-body paradigms with science and experience, taking an integrative approach of meditation, breathwork, positive psychology and energy healing to release occupational tension and connect with holistic health, physical, mental and emotional.


After Natalia’s session on navigating the emotional overwhelm, integration and learning technique to master our triggers, Neelam Harjani will invite the group to embrace mindfulness.
If you have ever found your mind constantly wandering OR if you struggle with being fully present to each situation OR if you simply want to learn a methodology that makes meditation easy, this session is for you. Weaving contemporary scientific research with timeless wisdom from the Yoga sutras, you will learn how to understand the mechanics of the mind, how to notice when we get hijacked by our own thought patterns and how to use practical tools in mindfulness to find a place to recharge, recenter and recalibrate. Neelam’s lab will focus on what matters most:

  • Appreciate what mindfulness is, why is it effective and the scientific research that suggests mindfulness heightens brain function
  • Appreciate the relationship between inner dialogue, emotions, energy levels and breathing patterns
  • Experience mindfulness guided through 3 powerful techniques that brings mental clarity on the present moment
  • Practical tips for becoming single pointed and more effective through mindfulness that can be practiced anytime and anywhere