Natalie Turner


Natalie Turner


Natalie Turner, author of Yes, You Can Innovate, is a writer and speaker in the field of innovation and leadership development and the inventor of the 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation, which offers a human-centered approach to innovation. She is also the founder of Women Who Lead.

Session: The Speaker’s Purpose

The Importance of the Role of Speaking in the Digital Age

As the digital landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, dismantling and disrupting the way we do business, what is the bigger PURPOSE of the Speaker’s role within these times of change? What is it that calls us forth to explore and develop new frontiers? And how can we evolve our thinking to inspire and lead others into the unknown? This Keynote will motivate you to step into a bigger sense of yourself as a speaker and the critical role and contribution you play in moving, not only your organisation, but humanity forward towards renewal and transformation.


When you look into the future as a professional speaker, what most excites you?

“What a time to be a Professional Speaker! Now, more than ever, we are able to mix, and merge content and formats, deliver stage-based speeches and engage audiences via technologies. We can learn, connect, build and be truly global—no matter who we are or where we live.

But what truly excites me is the calling to innovate at the level of paradigm—a fundamental change in the concept, practices and assumptions of our profession—to dig deep into our individual and collective PURPOSE and our role in elevating, inspiring and changing the world for the better.”

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