Is the Director of Soma Clinic and specializes in complex health and trauma. In addition to seeing private clients, Natalia Rachel also teaches short courses on recovery and is a keynote speaker. Through her work, she endeavors to invite individuals and groups to find empathy and compassion through a process of self-inquiry. Natalia Rachel holds an authentic and empathetic position as a change maker. As a patient turned therapist, she is able to explore the very personal, and gritty underbelly of physical, mental and relational health, while connecting to modern psychology neuroscience, trauma and relationship material.


Since the pandemic started we have drawn on our internal resources, built resilience and coped as best we can. As we continue to navigate the pandemic we first need to take a pause and integrate our stress, distress and mess from the last year. In this session, Natalia will share both personal stories and insights and invite self-injury and vulnerable, authentic sharing.
Some of the topics covered include:

  • Fawn & Freeze & Fragmentation (the less talked about survival responses)
  • Emotional Overwhelm & Integration
  • Mastering our triggers
  • Come prepared to take off the mask, to be seen and heard. This is all about being human.