Mark and Liyana Stuart

Mark and Liyana Stuart


Mark and Liyana Stuart, a husband and wife team and award winning duo. Mark is a leadership trainer, executive coach, speaker and managing director of The Anagram Group. Liyana is co-founder of The Anagram Group and in charge of marketing and client relations.

Session: Skyrocket Speaking Engagements by 10x with Digital Marketing

A Husband & Wife Perspective

Learn how to use digital marketing and online techniques to market yourself as an international speaker and trainer. This speech will reveal how to use digital marketing and branding to grow revenue by 10x in five years. Mark and Liyana Stuart will share how they grew their business to 175+ corporate and government clients by leveraging platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to capture leads, and engage their audiences.


What do you see as one of the most significant challenges facing the professional speaking community as we look to the future?

“The greatest challenge (and opportunity) to professional speaking is technology. Technological advances have given our clients access to information and learning – and the race is on to be better, cheaper, faster. Speakers need to ensure they are delivering more value than can be gained through online sources, and look for ways to diversify their offerings. On the flip side, technology offers plenty of opportunities for speakers – for example through using digital marketing to gain exposure, and delivering their content through different mediums.”

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