Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell


Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, Forbes columnist, and sits on the Forbes Business School Advisory Board. Margie is also the founder of Global Courage Leadership and mother to four rowdy kids.

Session: Train the Brave

Find your courage to make your biggest mark

In this keynote, bestselling author, Margie Warrell, will get to the heart of what it takes to disrupt your default, embrace your flawsomeness, and discuss how you can rise above the often unconscious fears that keep you from making the biggest mark you are capable of making—as a speaker, a thought leader, a change agent and most of all, as a human becoming.


When you look to the future as a professional speaker, what most excites you?

“The ability to reach more people more easily! While technology can be perceived as a disruptive threat to our ability to succeed in an increasingly global speaking marketplace, it provides an incredible opportunity to share our thought leadership and to inspire change for people in places unlike ever before in human history. As someone who is driven by a strong sense of purpose to embolden braver leadership across the globe, I am truly excited by the platforms available to inspire a new generation of change-makers, whose only ability to access and act on our message, is through a device they can hold in their hands.”

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“Train the Brave”

4:13 pm - 4:43 pm