Panel Host: Lindsay Adams

Panel Host: Lindsay Adams


Lindsay Adams, CSP The Relationships Guy, shows clients you how to get into relationships quickly and leverage that relationship to influence others, connect with key business influencers and increase sales. Lindsay is a Life Member of Professional Speakers Australia.


What role do you believe technology will have on future stages and how do you think this will impact professional speaking?

“It’s been said technology will replace the need to physically have a speaker on stage, and the conclusion seems to be that the need for travel will diminish and the opportunity for face-to-face connection be lost. Of all the things technology could bring, I believe this is the one thing that will never stop – audiences want and need face time with speakers. What I expect tech to bring is faster, brighter, snappier video, PowerPoint and the ability to interact with people in and out of the room, but it will never replace a human being. So bring it on, higher production values, while we still get to hug the speaker and tell them about the impact their words had on us.”

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