Kerrie Phipps


Panel: Nurturing Relationships in the New Era

How do we build or strengthen relationships in a digital world?

What do relationships look like in this new era for humanity? In moving towards a more virtual world, how do we continue to connect and collaborate with others, so that we can become stronger together? Join Su-Yen and a wonderful line-up of panelists as they discuss the ways and practical tools we can use to nurture relationships in the digital era.

Questions discussed:

  • What are the tools you need to master to create relationships in the new world?
  • How do you develop and embrace these relationships?
  • How do you encourage collaboration and what does that look like?
  • In becoming more virtual, does that shift or change relationships? How are they created and grown today?

Kerrie Phipps, Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Our moderator for this session is Kerrie Phipps, author of multiple books including DO Talk To Strangers: How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere. Kerrie is an international speaker and coach on a mission to inspire a more connected, compassionate and collaborative world.

Moderated by Kerrie Phipps

Panelists: Coen Tan, Brenda Tan, Amelia Marican and Rainer Wolf

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Panel: Nurturing Relationships in the New Era

04 Sep 2020
6:05 pm-6:45 pm
Virtual Platform