Kenneth Kwan

Kenneth Kwan


Kenneth Kwan is an author and leadership speaker. He has worked on many projects with the Singapore Government and MNCs to create transformational change. He works with his wife and she allows him to think that he is in-charge.

Session: Creating Small Steps To Big Changes In Teams and Organisations

How do you actually help clients move from problem thinking to solution thinking? What do the Spice Girls have to do with creating solutions? How do you create a consulting practice that stands out and generates results? Kenneth will share valuable insights into what works and what you need to do to take your business to the next level.


What role do you believe technology will have on future stages and how do you think this will impact professional speaking?

“I believe there will be a reduction of in-person deliveries at conferences and we will end up in a virtual setting to learn and organise tasks. The use of Virtual Reality will be used to enhance the learning experience.”

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