Julian Mather

Julian Mather


Julian Mather, speaker, author and educator. Julian has moved from working behind the camera to in front of it, launching 21C Career Compass. He’s also been a magician, and an army sniper.

Session: Get Video Smart

The path to 21C Video Smart

“Video will be amongst the most sought after 21st century skills, yet many speakers – while professional on stage – appear amateur on video. The video game is changing fast and you won’t win playing by the old rules. To be 21C video literate you need to understand why so many others get stuck making D.U.M.B. videos – and at the same time – learn how to make S.M.A.R.T. videos. The sort of videos that your market wants. This talk will give you the path to being 21C Video Smart.”


We are living through a time of cataclysmic disruption – what does this mean to the professional speaking profession? How can we adapt?

“Speakers need to ask themselves can I learn, unlearn and relearn? As we begin the era of the 100 year life, working into our 80s will be the norm. Even if you are 60 now, you will need to work longer. At the same time the half life of knowledge has shortened to five years; half of what we know now will have to be relearned in five years time, and it will continue to shorten. We need to learn, but there is a huge difference between learning and being taught. Reigniting a love of learning is critical to any speaking business in the coming decade.”

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Breakout Session: “Get Video Smart”

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Breakout Room