Joy Marsden


Joy Marsden


Joy Marsden is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, with PSAE (Hall of Fame) status. Currently National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland, Joy’s mission is to Inspire Professionals to step up, step out and stand out.

Session: Step Up and Step Out to be a speaker that Stands Out!

Joy will inspire attendees and help us understand…

1. Why speaking to engage is better than speaking to impress

2. How stepping through challenge can make great material for your speaking business

3. How enjoying yourself on stage helps your audience to remember you and your message more


What do you see as one of the most significant challenges facing the professional speaking community as we look to the future?

“I believe one of our biggest challenges will be our ability to stay relevant in an ever changing world. As technology becomes more interactive, as audiences get smarter with a thirst for something new, as nations develop an appetite for quick fixes, there will be a need for us, as speakers, to find new and exciting ways to continue to engage and interact with our audiences. Speakers will need to step up their ability to communicate in a way that cuts through. It will be imperative for speakers to stay relevant and bring clarity and direction to audiences, so that we can continue to make a real impact.”