Joanne Flinn – Interviewer, Panel Host

Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn – Interviewer, Panel Host


Joanne Flinn, The Business Growth Lady, Professional Speaker, Mentor, Author

Joanne Flinn is The Business Growth Lady. She is a thought leader, business mentor, global speaker, multi-book author and a strategic editor. Joanne believes there are three important keys to success —vision, perseverance, and a willingness to do things differently. When we master these, everything changes.

As a professional speaker, Joanne has a reputation for delivering with real clarity on what it takes to be successful in business today—and tomorrow. Covering business trends and the future, organisational agility, adaptability and decision making, as well as capital raising in the world of the Great Realisation and the Climate Crisis.

These are the elements of Business 6.0. Joanne’s style is compassionate yet challenging. It’s sciences based with a strong dose of data and humor.