Jeremy Nicholas


Jeremy Nicholas


Jeremy Nicholas, a broadcaster with 27 years as a BBC news and current affairs journalist, as well as 20 years as a comedian. So if you’re looking for authority but with some humour, he’s your man.

Session: What are you talking about?

How to be a fairly professional speaker…

This is the world premiere of Jeremy’s brand new show that he’s taking to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. Last year he enjoyed a successful 27-day run at Edinburgh with his show “After Dinner Stories From My Disastrous Broadcasting Career,” about his 27 years of trying not to get sacked as a BBC broadcaster. This year, it’s everything he’s learnt from his twenty-odd years as an international speaker… some of them very odd. It contains 10 top tips and 47 laughs. Please don’t laugh any more than 47 times or he’ll never get through it.


What do you think is the biggest threat to the speaking profession and what can we do to overcome this threat?

“I think the biggest threat to the speaking profession is people talking for free. There are too many people who are willing to get up there and speak for no reward. For example, I believe I’m the only one who is getting full fee for the Asia Professional Speakers Convention, although I’ve been told not to mention it to the other speakers!”

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