James Leong


James Leong


James Leong, CSP, is a financial storyteller, Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore, a judge for the Singapore Corporate Awards, and CEO and master trainer for Visions.One Consulting Pte Ltd.

Session: How to Build a Great Speaking Career with a Boring Topic

If you want to get booked once, educate your audience. If you want to get booked repeatedly, educate and entertain your audience. So what are the tools, skills and strategies that are effective in turning a potentially boring topic into an interesting and exciting one? How do you get your audience to latch on to every word you say? In this Keynote, you’ll learn how to transform an otherwise dry or technical topic into a fun and impactful learning experience for your audience and bring your topic to life!


What do you think is the biggest threat to the professional speaking profession and what can we do to overcome this threat?

“Information is freely available on the internet. Our content and domain expertise is no longer the deeply held secret it once was. Why would someone listen to professional speakers when they can search the web for answers? I believe the answer lies in context rather than content. It means we must tailor and contextualise our content to suit the specific situation of the audience. Our ability to empathise and feel our audience distinguishes us from machines. Providing theory is no longer sufficient. Our delivery must include tools that have high practical value, which help audiences solve their challenges. With instant gratification the new normal, we need to provide quick wins to our audience. This will lead our audience to immediately feel we add value to their lives, and increase both our real and perceived value as experts who provide custom-made solutions to their challenges.”

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