Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen


Heather Hansen, corporate trainer, global communication specialist, pronunciation and public speaking coach, TEDx speaker and author. Heather helps businesses transform by enhancing communication and collaboration across languages and culture.

Session: Leading the Way

How the WAY you speak can change our world

You have the power, influence and platform to change the world with your words. You can literally “Speak the Future,” but first you need to break through your audience’s biases, many of which they aren’t even aware of. In this talk, Heather Hansen will share advanced strategies for adapting the way you speak so your audience hears, understands and acts on your message to create positive change in the world.


When you look to the future as a professional speaker, what most excites you?

“Technology has exponentially increased our power to reach every corner of the world and bridge gaps created by language, culture, and political views. We have a new (and enormous) responsibility to communicate beyond our own content and serve as self-aware influencers who connect on a human level and forge common understanding with everyone everywhere. It’s exciting and truly humbling to think about our changing potential to impact the world.”

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“Leading the Way”

10:08 am - 10:28 am