David Lim

David Lim


David Lim, a motivational speaker who has spoken in more than 30 countries since 1999! His unique style combines leading 70 mountaineering ascents and expeditions (two to Everest), with two decades of corporate work.

Session: A View from the Top

How to succeed in the long haul in the business of professional speaking in Asia Pacific

If you fell into the speaking business backwards, like David Lim, and realised you could make a hugely rewarding business out of it, what next? Everest expedition leader, author and survivor of more than 70 alpine climbs, David Lim shares some of the most powerful lessons he’s learnt to create a lasting legacy. You’ll learn: 1. Going for the summit vs. the shiny new object syndrome; 2. Paying the price, knowing what it will take to succeed; 3. The power of the Inner Circle; 4. accelerating around the turn, how to grow; 5. Why change is so hard and what we can do to succeed; 6. Planning your legacy


What do you think is the biggest threat to the professional speaking profession and what can we do to overcome this threat?

“The biggest threat to the speaking business is losing relevance to our buyer both from the perspective of our content and how it can improve the condition of our clients; and the platform of speaking to a live audience when teleconferencing and virtual meetings are gaining momentum worldwide. In my opinion, these threats are within our ability to neutralise. We need to educate our buyer as to why our message still matters and why the role of a speaker is still impactful to an audience.”

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“A View from the Top”

9:28 am - 9:58 am