Dali Schonfelder

Dali Schonfelder


Dali Schonfelder (18) co-founded Nalu clothing at the age of 13, with a mission to provide education to children around the world. Dali has spoken at the United Nations HQ in New York, on TEDx and InkTalks, and is attending Parsons School of Design in New York, majoring in Fashion Design.

Session: Create Beautiful Clothing

To create beautiful solutions for the developing world education crisis

Dali Schonfelder (18) co-founded Nalu clothing at the age of 13, together with her younger brother Finn. Nalu clothing is a streetwear company. For every four products sold, they give a school uniform to a child who needs one. Since they started four years ago, Nalu has given more than 3.6 million days of education to children in India and Indonesia.

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