Caleb Low


COVID19 Pivot Live Session – 4 Speakers Panel – 7 Mins Each

How COVID-19 put us back in the box

And forced us to think in new ways about problem solving, unlearning and relearning

Panellists: Mario Castagnetta, Janet Yung, Caleb Low and Boon Seong

In 2020, we have all been forced to pivot for survival and success. We’ve faced many unknowns and self-doubt has been our lingering company. We’ve experienced a nearly instantaneous economic slowdown, which was triggered by the pandemic shutdown, and it’s wreaked havoc on businesses, large and small.

The recipe for survival requires a thorough rethink and transformation of all we have done in the past, or we risk falling further behind or potentially, going out of business full-stop. But the reality of how entrepreneurs are dealing with the crisis and preparing for the recovery tells a different story. It’s a story of pivoting business models more conducive to short-term survival, along with long-term resilience, planning and growth.

This panel discussion will throw the light on:

  • How the COVID19 crisis has forced business owners to rethink everything, from management to business structure and revenue models
  • How pivoting taught crucial key lessons in leveraging your community and capabilities, moving quickly and maximizing teamwork, partnerships, as well as collaborating effectively
  • The transformation of how businesses run during COVID times and how leaders must lead

Caleb Low, Millennial Brand Coach, Helping Sales and Business Leaders Connect

Caleb Low is a millennial brand coach, who helps sales and business leaders connect better and influence more. Despite being relatively new on the scene, his serves top lawyers, executive coaches, millionaires, serial business owners and six-figure salespeople on a one-to-one basis. He also conducts training on social media prospecting, and perception management and leadership to sales companies.

Caleb is currently collaborating with Cloudbae, a subsidiary of The Alibaba Group, for regional and international projects. As a young millennial, Caleb’s mission in life is to help everyone be of #GreaterSignificance in society, so they can inspire, influence and impact lives.

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COVID19 Pivot Live Session

03 Sep 2020
6:45 pm-7:30 pm
Virtual Platform