Gala Dinner MC: Anupama Singal

Gala Dinner MC: Anupama Singal


Often referred to as a Fashion & Tech Girl, Anupama Singal is known for breaking stereotypes. A Chemical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Fashion Marketing, she pursues both with equal zest. Her vision is to touch a million lives meaningfully. A dreamer, a doer and a connector of people, she urges us to see beyond ourselves, be unique, live a life with purpose, and move forward with enthusiasm. We are delighted she has agreed to be our Gala Dinner MC!


We are living through a time of cataclysmic disruption – what does this mean to the professional speaking profession? How can we adapt?

“The root causes of disruption are rapidly evolving technologies, globalization and our connected communities. New innovations are spreading, and so are the benefits, as well as the challenges. There is a need to not only present the polarizing effects of these disruptions, but to make sense of the shifting face of our world. We need to take a balanced view and break it down into easily understood concepts for people at large, and I believe professional speakers have the skills of taking a complex set of data and concepts, then transforming that into a simple message, and to make a meaningful impact. The more the disruptions, the more opportunities for the professional speaking community to impact lives meaningfully.”