Anna Liotta


Anna Liotta


Anna Liotta, MA, CSP, is the CEO and Founder of The Generational Institute™, an award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author of Unlocking Generational CODES©.

Her deep understanding of generational dynamics is grounded in 20 years of research, keynoting and consulting clients including Amazon, Bloomberg, Coca Cola, Microsoft and the NBA.

Anna’s most impressive generational credential, however, is that Anna is the youngest girl of nineteen children. This means that every Thanksgiving, graduation or wedding is a fascinating case study in multi-generational communication.

Session: What’s Stopping Millennials or Gen Xers or Boomers from Hiring You–and What to Do About It

At present, the workforce is 29% Boomers, 23% Gen-Xers, and 45% Millennials. Bad news: what captivates one group is turning off another. Worse news: you can’t just target the final decision-makers with your marketing. During the sales process you–or maybe only your website–will touch all three generations. How do you adapt your marketing and sales pitches, so they are effective regardless of who is receiving them?

In this fast-paced, action-focused session you will learn:

• Your own generational blind spots that are sabotaging making a connection with older or younger clients
• The one piece of research you must do before talking to a decision maker
• How to accommodate contradictory needs of different generations in one sales pitch
• How to update your visuals, websites, interactive activities, and even your CRMs so they get your message across to all generations

This is a must-attend session for speakers of all generations–well, only if you want to close more business.