Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant


With 20 years’ experience as a Professional Speaker, 10 of those as a CSP, Andrew Bryant will share key learnings from where we’ve come from, and success strategies for where we are going.

Session: The 10 Year Challenge

Where will you (and the speaking profession) be in 10 years?

In January 2019, social media was buzzing with the 10-Year Challenge, which featured photos from 10 years ago posted alongside pictures from today. But a more important challenge to predict:

1. Who will you be in 10 years?

2. And what will Professional Speaking look like a decade from now?


What do you see as one of the most significant challenges facing the professional speaking community as we look to the future?

“In the past, Professional Speaking is what you did on stage. You could prepare, present and then push-off home to your normal life. What has changed is that you now need to be a content-creator on and off stage. As a professional speaker, just engaging and entertaining is not enough, beyond information and experience. Today you will need to take a stand, have a position and perspective. Successful speakers of the future will be a complete brand across multiple channels.“

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