Andreas Gebhardt



Andreas Gebhardt has been a professional juggler for 20 years, he has performed more than 5000 shows in over 20 countries and worked as a ‘flying entertainer’ on multiple cruise ships. Today he wraps his experience, thoughts and philosophy into entertaining and impressive keynote speeches. Entertainment business has been going through massive change during these years. So Gebhardt had to constantly reinvent and reposition himself, too. After circus school he started with one single juggling act. Soon he performed full evening shows on cruise vessels and studied economics and tourism alongside. He continued his studies with event, project and change management and even worked as a lecturer and consultant. What makes him special is, that he does not only talk, but also does what he says. With his juggling he creates impressive and remarkable pictures which touch and inspire, but he also invites to laugh, marvel and learn.


Security comes from overcoming uncertainty. What is risky today will be the safety we can build on tomorrow. It is like juggling: The first try is risky, and will probably fail. But going through this brings you to the next new level. Andreas will encourage his audience to get to know and try out new stuff to enable development and personal growth.