Andreas Buhr

Andreas Buhr


Andreas Buhr dedicates all his passion and purpose to his goal: to help people achieve their professional ambitions! More than 3,000 talks in 26 countries and with a total of 800,000 people in the audience, online and offline.

Session: 7 Steps to Generate More Business…

As a Speaker in Times of Digitalization

Join Andreas Buhr to learn what effective substance, relevance and modern staging as a speaker looks like today. He will share how to build and create a modern and relevant topic, how to integrate the new generation of millennials into your speaking theme, and how you can win clarity in marketing/PR in the modern VUCA World. Find out how to master the challenge of digital transformation to keep sustainability and impact in your speeches.


What do you think is the biggest threat to the professional speaking profession and what can we do to overcome this threat?

“Who doesn’t stand out will fall away is one of the biggest threats to the professional speaking profession. To overcome this threat, there has to be a good mixture of pull and push. Therefore, a good prepared competence assumption is a must. There must be substance in the topic and relevance in the content. Wrap your content in a way that the benefit is clear to everybody.

Last but not at least: Staging is as important as the other subtopics. Pay attention to your stage performance, impact and your marketing.”

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