Andrea Edwards – Interviewer and Lab Host

Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards – Interviewer and Lab Host


Andrea T Edwards, CSP, The Digital Conversationalist

Author of “18 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile”, Andrea is a globally award-winning B2B communications professional, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and is a passionate evangelist for social leadership, content marketing, and employee advocacy. Andrea helps business leaders understand how they can empower employees to delight customers, grow personal career opportunities, and build brand success. This is the power of social leadership; you transform business from the inside out, through the voices of your people.

But it’s not all business. Andrea is a warrior for Mother Earth, and is trying to help businesses understand that they must step up and lead to avoid the worst of climate catastrophe, as well as to build equal, equitable businesses that make winners of us all. She is also driven to make empathy and compassion the critical driving force in today’s world, and believes that backing up your talk in how you present yourself is critical to being authentic and trustworthy — at a time when those qualities are so much in demand.

These fundamental beliefs drive Andrea to empower others to step into all opportunities the digital age offers — because together, we can shape the future of business and humanity. When you own your voice, you own your future.