Amar Ramesh

Amar Ramesh


Amar Ramesh is a speaker, storyteller, and entrepreneur. He founded Studio A, Stones & Stories, Portraits, Big Short Films and Discover Tamil Nadu. Amar has definitely left his engineering career behind.

Session: The Power of Visual Identity

in a Professional World

“Today we meet each other long before doing it in person. Yes, I am talking about digital presence – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, websites, and more. Our visual identity is spread across so many platforms and customers check us out long before meeting us. As a speaker, it is important to have powerful portraits and impactful videos to represent ourselves online. They are the new age business cards and they don’t just reflect, they talk for us. How can we make the most of this? Get ready to unlock the power of portraits and videos.”


What role do you believe technology will have on future stages and how do you think this will impact professional speaking?

“Technology will have a huge impact on our industry in the coming years. For professional speakers, making pictures and videos will become easier (aka think DIY), and this means we can effectively chronicle our speeches and performances by ourselves. Technology will put the power of documentation into the hands of the speakers ourself, and the possibilities are limitless to have rich visual content.”

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