01 Sep 2020
10:29 am-10:55 am
Virtual Platform

Win Your Audience Over in The First Minute

Win Your Audience Over in The First Minute

Or you’ll never win them over at all

Hang on to your seat as Maz Farrelly will teach us all she knows about making ‘you’ the most interesting person in the room, and now that the room is a tiny little screen, it’s never been more important to be interesting!

A deeply experienced and passionate broadcast producer (David Hasselhoff gave her a testimonial!!) we are going to learn how to get people to care about our business, from the first second they see us to the last. It’s going to be honest, funny, riveting and practical, and we’re going to get the structure to work out how we can be the most interesting person we can be!

What you’ll take-away:

  • It’s not your audience’s job to be interested, it’s your job to be interesting
  • How to be engaging, entertaining, smart and concise with the content you create
  • Why we shouldn’t shoot content if it’s not good enough
  • Keeping our audience hooked – aka how we make sure no one uses a remote control on us

Marion ‘Maz’ Farrelly, The CEO Whisperer, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Author, Producer

If you’ve watched it, Maz probably made it and won an international award for it – the biggest brands in the world with the biggest teams, budgets and stars. She’s produced shows in London, LA and Australia – shows like Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, The X Factor, The Celebrity Apprentice, and she co-created Q&A for the ABC.

Maz has spent decades at the pointy end of the media and is a regular guest on podcasts & TV shows which are then picked up by the international press. Maz started her career as a magazine journalist and stylist in London, has been executive editor of Format Entertainment at the BBC UK London, Director of Television Content, Fremantle Media Australia & Creative Strategist for BBCWorld-Wide.

Maz now runs Maz Speaks, a company which does one thing – makes sure you get attention for all the right reasons. Maz believes all business is show business, and to cut through in this listening-deficient society, you have to nail your first minute – nail that and you’re in business – literally.