01 Sep 2020
1:30 pm-3:00 pm
Virtual Platform

Want to Write a Book This Year? How About 10?

Want to Write a Book This Year? How About 10?

A creative look at the author opportunity – you’ll be surprised and inspired

Are you already an author? Or perhaps you haven’t published that first book yet? Well, prepare to be amazed and inspired! Pravin Shekar (The Outlier Marketer) and his daughter, Shraddha Shekar (an accomplished author already at age 13) will take you on a journey of options you’ve probably never considered and we guarantee, you’ll race off to get started ASAP.

When it comes to books, there’s definitely not one way of doing things, and you’ll also grasp the business benefits available, if you take a more creative approach to authorship.

You will learn:

  • How a creative approach to publishing drives real leads and business opportunities
  • Multiple ways of approaching publishing, including micro-books, cards, and more
  • And the partnerships, support, and team you need around you to succeed

Pravin Shekar, The Outlier Marketer, Professional Speaker and Author

Pravin Shekar is an Outlier Marketer and a raconteur. Unconventional marketing is his forte. When the world moves one way, you need to move another way: that’s his philosophy. This going-against-the-grain attitude helps him find opportunity in every crisis.

A recipient of the American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader” award, Pravin has written 5 books and is set to bring out 5 more, on various aspects of Marketing. He has energised business leaders across 27 countries. When you need to shake up your marketing strategy and re-gear your growth, reach out to Pravin.

Shraddha Anu Shekar, The Teen Mythologist

Shraddha Anu Shekar is a thirteen-year-old mythology enthusiast. She loves reading, writing and re-telling mythologies from different cultures. Shraddha has published three books and the next two are ready to publish.

She calls herself “The Teen Mythologist” and searches for lesser known mythology stories.