01 Sep 2020
6:35 pm-7:00 pm
Virtual Platform

Timbre – Developing the Resonance

Timbre – Developing the Resonance

Make the impossible possible to speak and coach globally

Starting with zero connections in a foreign land and English as a second language, Cynthia Zhai beat the odds in the last decade, as she’s now spoken across five continents, in 18 countries, and has paid coaching clients in all corners of the world!

She has published three books – all in English – and one was a best seller! Cynthia has definitely made the impossible possible. She’s done this by building an enviable social media presence, with a focus on YouTube, and she will share:

In this session, you’ll discover:

  1. How timbre will help you succeed globally as a speaker, coach and author
  2. Which ‘one voice’ you need to listen to in order to succeed globally and that ‘one voice’ is not yours… yes some mystery
  3. What strategies you can adopt to increase your profile globally, even in times like these

Cynthia Zhai, CSP, Voice Coach, Best-Selling Author and TEDx Speaker

Cynthia Zhai CSP, is a voice coach, best-selling author and a TEDx speaker. She has spoken professionally in 18 countries on five continents over the last 18 years, and as a voice coach, her professional clients are from 46 countries across six continents.

Originally from China, Cynthia built a successful global speaking and coaching business from Singapore, and has appeared on radio programs, including Singapore’s 938Live, Hong Kong’s Radio 3 and Malaysia’s BFM. She’s also a highly sought-after podcast guest expert, discussing your voice and impact globally.