02 Sep 2020
9:05 am-9:40 am
Virtual Platform

Think Like an Inventor

Think Like an Inventor

The mindset and motivation to spot opportunities, take initiative and embrace change

In the blink of an eye everything changed. Your plans, forecasts… all out the window. Cancellations, postponements and a dose of high-octane panic left many feeling overwhelmed, confused and uncertain about what’s next. Business as usual is over.

It’s time to get creative. Time to rethink, reframe and retool. And the good news is, you’ve got this. All you need is some fresh thinking and innovation strategies and you’ll go from reactive to proactive. You need to THINK LIKE AN INVENTOR.

You will walk away with:

  • Three secrets to get UNSTUCK from the status quo
  • The TWO MAGIC WORDS to UNLEASH your inner inventor
  • Strategies that deliver an unlimited supply of inspiring and valuable ideas

Julie Holmes, Professional Speaker, Technology and Innovation Strategist

Julie Holmes is an inventor, app developer, pragmatic technologist, and innovation expert, plus she’s way smarter than her smartphone.

With over 25 years of experience in enterprise and small business technology, she’s a master of how-to TECH IT OFF YOUR LIST. An award-winning speaker and tech strategist, Julie has guided 10s of thousands of people in why, when, and how to leverage technology effectively.

Her wicked smarts, extreme enthusiasm, and cheeky humor on (and off) stage, spur audiences to not only sit up and listen but also to make notes, compare phones and take immediate action.