01 Sep 2020
7:05 pm-7:30 pm
Virtual Platform

Stepping into Your Bravest Message

Stepping into Your Bravest Message

And Prince Harry’s role in her journey

Can you imagine being thrust into the limelight after a “date” with a member of the British Royal Family goes viral, a moment that attracts both praise and scorn? That was the day Faheema learnt how challenging it can be to attract the attention of the public.

Self-doubt crept in, fear too, because you know, how many people get viciously attacked for having lunch with a red head? Since that moment in 2015, she has had to dig deep, be brave, and really work out how to frame her message, which she hopes will help bring her community on a journey of deep and necessary change. Would you be brave enough to do this?

In this speech, Faheema will share:

  • The explosive impact of finding herself in the limelight and the uncomfortable outcomes which offered great personal learnings
  • The criticality of shaping your message for your audience, and how a delicate approach pays off
  • How success and impact is slow, with personal growth and a more powerful message accumulating over time
  • The realization of doing this work for the message, not the limelight – which can be hard to see in a world of people seeking stardom
  • Overcoming self-doubt, believing in yourself and being brave despite the potential negativity

Nazhath Faheema, Founder hash.peace, Advocate for Racial and Religious Diversity, TEDx Speaker, Lecturer

Nazhath Faheema, the Founder of hash.peace movement, is an advocate of racial and religious diversity. She undertakes initiatives that promote the cultivation of a peacekeeping culture at homes and workplaces. She believes the formation of micro inclusive societies based on interpersonal relations to keep society safe from sentiments of extremism and radical ideologies.

Nazhath Faheema’s journey started when she was nominated as a Muslim Youth Ambassador for Peace in October 2015. Since then, Nazhath Faheema has worked in pursuit of promoting a culture of peace, and is currently working full-time as Manager in an NGO committed to interfaith work. She is also an external lecturer at the ESSEC Business School’s Asia Campus in Singapore.