31 Aug 2020
6:07 pm-6:32 pm
Virtual Platform

Same Planet, Different World

Same Planet, Different World

Why the world will never be same, and what to expect in the new future

The Covid-19 disruption will not be a mere footnote in 2020’s history! We are already seeing evidence that the pandemic is a global reset moment, which is likely to have a long lasting impact on our world and the way we live in it.

This fascinating talk will look at what will change for good in our personal lives, our workplaces, in our communities and in global geopolitics. It will also provide the professional speaking community with a unique insight into how we can prepare for this new future.

Expect to learn:

  • The impact this global reset moment will have on every aspect of life and business
  • Where the greatest challenges lie for the professional speaking community
  • The opportunities available to us, if we understand this shift and have the courage to seize this moment

Dr. Graeme Codrington, Futurist, Strategist, Disruptive Forces Expert

Dr. Graeme Codrington is a futurist and scenario planner specialising in the future of work. He helps companies around the world understand the forces that are shaping our lives, whether it’s the current COVID-disruption or the disruptive trends that will define the rest of the 2020s.

Graeme is an author of six best-selling books and lectures at a number of top business schools. Founder of the strategy consulting firm TomorrowToday, he now works from a fully equipped home video studio in Johannesburg.