04 Sep 2020
9:45 am-10:20 am
Virtual Platform

Leading From Within

Leading From Within

Unlocking our purpose to lead through difficult times

What is my purpose? How can I best serve with the gifts I have? How do I lead myself and others through challenges? Three questions worth asking, more so if you’re in the position to lead and influence others. To navigate darkness, we need to turn on the light. To rise beyond the challenges of our world, we need to be firmly rooted in our core.

To counter-balance the outer chaos, we need to cultivate an inner peace that radiates from the clarity of who we are and where we belong. In this talk, we will be invited to start exploring these difficult questions and refine our clarity of purpose, so we can make the impact and influence we were born for.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Why knowing your life’s purpose is important in today’s world
  • The four elements of a life purpose and where to find them
  • Practical tools to articulate your purpose
  • How to activate your purpose in work, life and business

Milena Nguyen, Life Purpose Coach, Personal Brand and Business Strategist, Writer, Artist, and Yogi

Milena Nguyen Milena Nguyen believes that empowering people is the key to a better world. Her passion is to help purpose-driven leaders create the life they want and make impact doing what they love.

Working as a life purpose coach, personal brand and business strategist, writer, artist, and yogi, she’s also a published author and three-time TEDx speaker. Her work is dedicated to helping others live a purpose-centered life, making an impact doing the work they love.