04 Sep 2020
1:30 pm-3:00 pm
Virtual Platform

LAB: The Collective Genius of a Mastermind

LAB: The Collective Genius of a Mastermind

An effective instrument to overcome crisis times!

Would you like to learn how to make virtual networking your super power? Then make sure you join this lab, where master networker and mastermind guru, Gil Petersil, will take us on a deep dive into the power of masterminds, how to do it, what makes one a great one, and the things to avoid. Practical, insightful and definitely going to pack a punch, this will be an incredibly valuable learning opportunity.

What Gil will discuss:

  • How masterminds are not just the “in-thing,” but can be leveraged for cross-network impact, amplification of your brand/message, scalability and aligning it all with the business growth goals of the group
  • Debunking the myth that one needs to become an expert at different aspects of entrepreneurship to be able to leverage these relationships and create strong virtual bonding
  • Why masterminds go wrong and what you can do to avoid the common pitfalls

Gil Petersil, Business Strategist, Networking Expert, Mastermind Methodologist

Gil Petersil is an international expert on business strategy, effective networking and mastermind methodology. Gil’s mission is to train people and corporations to achieve any goal, building relationships on the basis of mutual value and benefit. With years of experience living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and Singapore, he uses his extensive knowledge of effective communications to take entrepreneurs and companies to new heights through the art of strategic networking.

Gil built his network of professional contacts, attracted investors, sought partners and created brands from scratch in each country. That is why the knowledge he shares with the audience is purely practical and covers such topics as networking, personal branding, business development and acceleration, search for a mentor and masterminding technology.

After his training programs, new strategic partnerships are created, successful start-ups are launched, and existing companies enter new markets Gil is the organiser and speaker of hundreds of international events. He shared the stage with legends like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Keith Ferrazzi, Robert Cialdini, David Alan, Michael Roach and Jordan Belford, also known as the Wolf of Wall Street. In addition, he gladly cooperates with business schools and universities.

His goal in education is to increase entrepreneurial literacy and broaden students’ mindset by breaking limiting attitudes. Apart from working with young people, Gil also acts as a coach and mentor for top executives, department heads and industry leaders. The best way to see Gil Petersil’s unrivalled work as a professional coach is to attend one of his public events or invite him as a trainer/speaker.