03 Sep 2020
6:05 pm-6:45 pm
Virtual Platform

How to Design and Sell Virtual Workshops to Corporate Clients

How to Design and Sell Virtual Workshops to Corporate Clients

That will get you booked over and over again

Our business changed dramatically in 2020, leaving many of us wondering where future revenue streams would come from. We know it’s not going to be traditional keynote or conference presentations, however virtual workshops are succeeding.

This session will explore what the current needs are in virtual training, as well as what’s selling. We will explore how to position your topic to appeal to corporate audiences, along with how to turn it into a world-class virtual workshop that will get you booked over and over again. This session covers the four key areas you need to focus on to land corporate work in today’s virtual environment.

We will understand:

  • The topics clients are paying for and how to position yours
  • The science behind developing an effective virtual workshop
  • Who to approach and how to identify who has the budget to hire you

Susan Armstrong, Talent Development Expert, Speaker, Master Trainer And Author

Susan Armstrong is an internationally recognized talent development expert, speaker and author of Confidence for Life. Over the last 24 years, Susan has designed and led workshops for global organizations such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Franks International, EFES, along with many other internationally known names. She has delivered training in over 45 countries on six continents and because of her global work, has been running virtual training for more than 12 years.

Susan has a degree in Adult Education and Instructional Design, and is a certified Master Trainer. Her programs have won awards with both ATD and HR.com.