How to Build a Business with a Backend That Would Make a Kardashian Jealous!

How to Build a Business with a Backend That Would Make a Kardashian Jealous!

The business you benefit from in your sleep

Learn how Brad grew his business to seven figures in just 15 months (whether he was speaking or not) using a simple model that most speakers could easily replicate by turning their book into a business. If you have a book that you’ve written, then you can use this system to grow a massive backend too.

By attending this session, you will identify multiple new revenue streams that could multiply your profits, leverage your knowledge and time, inspire and lead your audience to greater success, plus make more $$$ per audience member each time you speak.

You will understand why:

  • You MUST leverage your time
  • If you’re only speaking, you’re just trading time for dollars
  • If you ended up in hospital unable to work for 12 months, would your business keep growing?

Brad Hauck, Mr Web Marketing, Digital Agency Owner and Keynote Speaker

Brad Hauck is Mr Web Marketing. In the past 10 years, his clients have sold over one billion dollars’ worth of products and services from the leads he’s generated through online marketing.

If you want to be “Virtually Famous” in your market, take your business to #1, grow a powerhouse brand… Brad can get you there faster! Brad is a digital marketing agency owner and professional speaker, who has been selling online since 1996.

He runs a series of successful websites and founded an SEO company that advised leading companies on how to succeed online. Working with multinational companies to SMEs, he improves visibility in Google, develops digital plans and increases sales and leads.