From the World to Asia – Realities and Opportunities (An Interview)

From the World to Asia – Realities and Opportunities (An Interview)

New realities, an executive mindset and future business implications

As new waves of reality hit us in Asia, how are our clients, their executives and all of us able to respond? How are organisations changing to adjust to new post-COVID realities? How are decision making, priorities, and focus areas changing? Insights and perspective with Susan Breniman, Executive Partner, Gartner, Asia.

This interview will uncover:

  • What hot, what not, what’s changed in Asia in these rapidly disrupting times
  • Three things to focus on to enable your client’s success
  • Insights for your business to survive and thrive

Susan Breniman, Digital Transformation Executive Asia, Nominated Top 100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain

Susan Breniman has led and transformed businesses across Asia-Pacific for more than 25 years at P&G, Cargill, JNJ and more. She teaches digital supply chain at Essex University and was recently nominated in the Global Top 100 most influential women in supply chain.

Susan is currently an executive partner with Gartner, Asia, and will join APSS with a heart to help each speaker find their path from disruption to impact and value.