31 Aug 2020
9:00 am-9:05 am
Virtual Platform

Emcee Welcome

Simone Heng, Emcee – Professional Keynote Speaker, Sought-after International MC, Former Broadcaster

Over her one and a half decade-long career in the entertainment industry, Simone’s job was to build memorable connections with audiences on stage, on-air, online and one-to-one.

Hopping countries from the age of 17, her cross-continental adventures have allowed her to become a true student of Human Connection. She now speaks to organisations on the connection techniques which will transform how you work, live and meet people in a world where disconnection is growing.

She has spoken at both Google (2018) and hosted at the United Nations (2017). In 2019 she was awarded Asia’s Top Youth Marketeer 2019 at the Asia Youth Women Netizen Marketing Excellence Awards.