03 Sep 2020
9:00 am-9:05 am
Virtual Platform

Emcee Welcome

Robbi Mack, Emcee – Keynote Speaker, World Class Emcee, Masterclass Trainer, Stagecraft Mentor

For decades Robbi has performed to audiences worldwide using comedy and cabaret in the corporate, television and theatre industries. Robbi is also well known for being the compassionate Dr Have-a-chat, a Clown Doctor in Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals for 10 years.

Nowadays, Robbi graces the stage as an inspirational keynote speaker on resilience and performance through ‘Leading with Heart.’ Spending most of her life onstage, her presentations are a unique combination of enriching business content, delivered with the execution of a world-class performer. Her messages are insightful, jam packed with strategies to enable personal transformation via the relationships in our lives.