31 Aug 2020
6:00 pm-6:05 pm
Virtual Platform

Emcee Welcome

Emcee Welcome

Joe Augustin, Emcee – Professional Emcee with 30+ years of International Hosting Experience, Renowned Entertainer

Joe Augustin is a professional emcee from Singapore with more than 30 years of international hosting experience. More than just a celebrity emcee, Joe is a renowned entertainer, with a deep understanding of business objectives behind corporate functions and events.

Some of Joe’s clients have described what he does as “an amazing combination of personality and presence of mind,” which ensures the events he hosts not only run on time, but are also entertaining and memorable. His years of experience as a professional emcee adds yet another dimension to Joe’s performance.

Joe also understands why clients invest in events, which is why so many event organisers and their clients keep coming back. Joe represents amazing return on investment. And he is one of the most versatile masters of ceremony in Singapore, perfectly comfortable hosting corporate launches, formal awards ceremonies or a full-on convention.