04 Sep 2020
7:40 pm-8:00 pm
Virtual Platform

Charity Auction

Shaun McEwan, Global MC Fundraiser, Events Auctioneer

Shaun McEwan is Singapore’s premier Master of Ceremony and Auctioneer, raising the hammer at over 500 events and helping raise over $30 Million! He’s an auctioneer and MC, with an extensive background in training.

A natural performer, Shaun has developed the art of audience engagement, commanding respect with his dynamic stage presence and flare, he’s more than an MC, he is your Event Ambassador.As an Auctioneer, Shaun is without peer.

Having performed at over 500 charity events over the last 10 years, he has established himself as the top flight charity auctioneer in Asia and has performed in over 11 countries across the region.