Rennie Gomes
Speaker Bio

Sound Designer, Film Mixer and Audio Supervisor on Film and Commercials and also Managing Director of Yellow Box Studios which currently runs a Dolby Certified mixing facility for Films and Commercial Adaptation for Cinema.

Recently awarded Dolby Atmos Certification for Music and Streaming content. 

Yellow Box Studios is Singapore’s largest and most highly awarded sound post production facility and has been producing award winning soundtracks for feature films, television drama series and television commercials and online content. Over the years we have received 8 D&AD nominations, Clio Silvers and a host of advertising awards for sound design and music and more recently the Regional Apollo Award winner for Best Sound Design and Music for HBO’s Grace and Halfworlds season 2.

In the Streaming and Film arena Rennie has also worked with the likes of HBO on titles such as Grace, Halfworlds Seasons 1 & 2 and Netflix’s Marco Polo Season 1 & 2 and also having recently worked on ADR for the movie Crazy Rich Asians, The Expendables 2 and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2.


I am What You Hear

Imagine if  you had no voice. No ears. What part of emotion would we miss most.
I will be exploring the Sound that Brands who we are, Who others see us as..How we see what we hear. The forgotten art of listening and to be heard and how audibly we put across our personal Brand thru sound.

The key takeaways from his session will be:

– Sound will influence the way you see your image and others, your brand, your social audio media.
– Give a note, give a thought to what you put out there but most importantly, give it your own sonic identity