The program for 2019 will be continuously updated starting in early 2019 all the way to the convention in May.
Day 1
10 May 2019
Day 2
11 May 2019

Opening Program

glenn van zutphen
Convention MC: Glenn van Zutphen

“The Future is Asian”

The definitive guide to Asia’s global influence in the 21st century
Parag Khanna

Young Speaker: “Create Beautiful Clothing”

To create beautiful solutions for the developing world education crisis
Dali Schonfelder

“Leading the Way”

How the WAY you speak can change our world
Heather Hansen
10:32 am - 10:52 am


“The AI Speaker”

Technology is changing the way we prepare and the way we present
Robin Speculand


How businesses are evolving and what that means to professional speakers
Panelist: Stanimira Koleva
Panelist: Wynthia Goh
Panelist: Michelle Cockrill
Panelist: Nishan Weerasinghe
Panel Host: Andrea Edwards
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


“The Speaker’s Purpose”

The Importance of the Role of Speaking in the Digital Age
Natalie Turner

“Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Chosen”

How to position yourself as only logical choice by leveraging the power of the spoken word
Steve Lowell

Panel: “Online Opportunity for Speakers”

What delivers the best results?
Panelist: Karen Leong
Panelist: Ling Ling Tai
Panelist: Georgina O’Brien
Panel Host: Lindsay Adams

Breakout Session: “Get Video Smart”

The path to 21C Video Smart
Julian Mather
3:13 pm - 3:33 pm


“Who do you think you are?”

And other gates of hell we must cross to create the future
Dr. Tanvi Gautam

“Doing What It Takes”

How to differentiate & deliver in today’s competitive marketplace
Dan Thurmon

Opening Program

glenn van zutphen
Convention MC: Glenn van Zutphen

“The 10-Year Challenge”

Where will you (and the speaking profession) be in 10 years?
Andrew Bryant

“A View from the Top”

How to succeed in the long haul in the business of professional speaking in Asia Pacific
David Lim

“How to Craft a TEDx Talk”

That Matters Enough To Get Five Million Views
Marianna Pascal
10:33 am - 10:53 am


“Raising a Feeling of Awkwardness”

Daring to talk about unpleasant and difficult issues
Charlotte Signahl

“Staying Relevant in 2019 and Beyond”

3 lessons we can learn from China
Ashley Galina Dudarenok
12:12 pm - 1:12 pm


“What Are You Talking About?”

How to be a fairly professional speaker…
Jeremy Nicholas

“Skyrocket Speaking Engagements by 10x”

A Husband & Wife Perspective
Mark and Liyana Stuart
3:18 pm - 3:38 pm


“7 Steps to Generate More Business”

As a Speaker in Times of Digitalization
Andreas Buhr

“Train the Brave”

Find your courage to make your biggest mark
Margie Warrell