APSS AM Membership




Plus a complimentary ticket to attend the two-day virtual APSC2022 convention (S$299 value)*


Note: This is non refundable

* In case any in person component is added it will be a separately payable ticket


1. What if my membership is due for renewal in a few months’ time?

No problem! The renewal will be applied when your current membership expires.

2. Should I apply for Associate Membership or Professional Membership?

There are two tiers of membership. Associate Membership is open to all. Professional Membership has to be applied for and approved. If you’re not sure, please use Associate Membership and we can later send you details of the criteria to be a Professional Member.

3. What are some benefits available to members of APSS?

There are so many benefits you’ll gain as an APSS member. Here are some:

Be part of our amazing international community and get to know and hang out with lots of fabulous members many of whom are the leading lights of the world of speaking and training.
12 curated monthly meetings (via Zoom for now, but hopefully very soon we can move to in-person meetings)
A calendar full of fringe events such as our popular Speakers Academy at a special members price and our special mentoring programme to move you closer to your goals.
Access to ad-hoc practical workshops hosted by our generous community
Specialised programs for all levels of members including Associate Members, Professional Members and CSPs (Certified Speaking Professionals)
Get to know and learn from global speakers who are members of our sister speaking associations around the world
Access to our private APSS Facebook group where you can contribute, ask questions and create discussions
Access to our digital archive of past events that are only exclusive for members