Prescott Gaylord
Speaker Bio

Prescott Gaylord is the former Artistic Director of the Baltimore Improv Group, and creator of ‘Unscripted – an improvised play in two acts,’ a show that has enjoyed sold out runs in Baltimore over the past 7 years. He has directed large and small scale improvised projects in several cities in the US including, ‘Skinesthesia – Body Painted Improv’, Improvised Burlesque (with Gilded Lily Burlesque), and ‘Secrets’ (improvised storytelling and secret sharing).  He has performed in and directed shows in improv festivals in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Washington DC, Austin, New York, Shanghai, and Chicago. He has led workshops in improvisation and comedy for many organizations including Johns Hopkins University, Linkedin, Paypal, Expedia, Gensler, DBS, and more.


Comedy for confidence, presentation, and speaking content.

From the disciplines of stand-up and improv comedy

Ever wondered how a comedian can ‘own the room’ while charming an audience? There are simple techniques that comedians use to turn simple messaging into powerful performances.

 This fun and revealing workshop will use comedy writing and laughter to keep our brains and body happy – and to teach us to hone our messages while making people laugh with us.

This unique workshop will feature stand up comedy techniques and improvisation which will lead you through the process of writing jokes – and thinking of your life as a comedian might.  You will leave with some raw comedy that you wrote yourself about your own life and surroundings. We will learn to:

– Improvise jokes based on random suggestion

– Write our own setups and punchline

– Follow classic comedy structure

– Enjoy life by always looking for the comedy


Side benefits of learning to write and perform stand up comedy:

– Increased Confidence

– Improved Public Speaking

– Increased Comfort in Social Settings

– Refined Brainstorming Abilities

– Improved Listening and Observation Skills

– Enhanced Creative Thinking