WTF (Write The Future)

It’s a Blank Canvas. Leap Now.
31 Aug to 4 Sep, 9 to 11 am and 6 to 8 pm SGT

Context: WE HAVE BEEN 5.0’ED.

The old APSS 2020 Convention theme was Speaker 5.0.

We were speaking the future and then it happened. The 5.0 thing of digital disruption, future of work and the climate crisis took an unexpected and dramatic left turn.

We’re suddenly in a pandemic. Locked behind doors. The economy went into free fall, business too, and the speaker’s mode of transport – planes – are left lining up on runways around the world.

It was sudden, swift, and total. We can only guess when and what comes next. So do we despair what’s gone? Or do we seek the opportunity to lead the change?

W T F (Write The Future)

Write the Future, as professionals, as leaders, and as human beings.

With everything up in the air, it’s a blank canvas. And the best thing to do is to leap now. ‘Cause the past is gone and it’s a new world.

We are professionals. We are human. We are leaders. We have an opportunity to create this new world.

Why join the Asia Professional Speakers Convention WTF (Write The Future) 2020?

  • Get insight on the big picture of society and business, and its implications to leaders now
  • Think about your business today and for the next few years – what are the revenue models and where’s the opportunity to make $$?
  • Ensure the relevance of your message, your voice, your presence on digital platforms
  • Understand what the global market values today – what services are meaningful and appropriate now and beyond
  • Learn very practical know-how, like technology platforms, virtual tools, collaboration, home studio, marketing and much more

WTF (Write The Future) will

  • Prepare us to ride the waves of emotions, feelings and other changes – our own and our clients
  • Be an enjoyable, highly interactive, engaging and energizing real-time event that models the future
  • Allow us to connect and know we are in this together. It will help us all move forward with confidence

So say yes to W T F (Write The Future).

It’s a blank canvas. Leap Now.

We will write the future. Together.


About the APS Convention

The Asia Professional Speakers Convention is the premier event for professional speakers in Asia and beyond. 

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About APSS

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) is the leading speakers association in Asia with more than 100 members in Singapore and across Asia. 

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Day 1 – 31 Aug 2020

What’s Happening: The world and us

Day 2 – 1 Sept 2020

Who You Need to Be: Your message, influence and reach

Day 3 – 2 Sept 2020

Where To Focus: Business models and revenue opportunities

Day 4 – 3 Sept 2020

How To Do It: Technology and tools of today’s speaking business

Day 5 – 4 Sept 2020

Who You Are: Your mindset and potential


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Watch this space for news about the Pre and Post Convention Events of #APSC20

Ron Kaufman will tell you why #APSC20 is an event you should not miss!!!

Sample presentation – one (!) Example of many presentations by professional speakers that you will experience at the APS convention. (Fredrik Haren speaking on ‘How to be a Global Keynote Speaker’ from the APS 2016 convention.)

Voices from attendees to previous conventions.

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