Nathan Shooter
Speaker Bio

Nathan is on a mission to power messengers, equipping a new generation of leaders and businesses to reach ‘creative clarity’ so they can build high-performance brands with a clear message that changes lives.

He is a designer, consultant, filmmaker, speaker and founder of Brandhood Media. Internationally he works with forward-thinking individuals, companies and government organisations to elevate their influence. 

Nathan delivers his ‘Creative Clarity’ framework with simplicity and energy, transforming audiences from feeling confused about their creative ideas, to becoming confident messengers with brands that clearly reflect their mission. 

As a respected voice in marketing, his online courses and podcasts fuse together the elements of art, practical marketing and psychology to help audiences learn the craft of Creative Clarity. His guests include industry leaders from every corner of the globe – including an episode recorded live while flying over Antarctica.

Nathan presents keynotes, seminars, masterclasses and retreats, and is currently in research development for his debut book, due for release in 2023. 

His scope includes a special interest in leaders with chronic pain, and visually or hearing impaired content creators. He also experiments with the training application of AR, VR, AI and the metaverse. 

Nathan sits on multiple organisation boards, and lives in Dubbo in regional Australia, with his ever growing collection of high top sneakers and Lego Architecture models.


Creating Speaker Showreels that Convert!

How to produce your first or next speaker showreel

Whether your budget is big or small, in this session with Nathan Shooter, you’ll learn how to create a Speaker Showreel that draws in clients and event organisers, leaving them wanting more!

They’ve become an essential weapon in the professional speakers’ marketing mix. But many of us underestimate their true value, or feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. Together with Nathan you’ll unpack solutions to challenges such as:

– Shortage of high quality live events footage 

– Knowing how much content and branding to include

– Communicating ideas and feedback to video editors

– Understanding how much it should really cost

There is an art to representing your speaking business within two minutes of magic. By the end of this session, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’ve got a clear, creative plan to start or upgrade your Speaker Showreel.

The key takeaways from his session will be:

1 Discover pro tips to boost ‘brand clarity’ and capture attention.

2 Learn film techniques that create strong connections using story and characters.

3 Find out mistakes to avoid, to build rapid trust and convert leads.